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22 Giu Private Jet Charter around the world

If you need to travel and you are an exigent customer you have to ask to Gp-Lux and its luxury private jet. The best charter service from Italy to all over the world.

Gp-Lux has thought of everything, as always. Three jet from which to choose. They have all comfort and security that we think are necessary to make our customers satisfied.

The kid of our range is the Light Jet that is the best choice to combine agility and comfort. This jet is little, we know, but It has features comparable to big jet that usually flying overseas. We suggest it for short trips.

The older brother is our Midsize Jet that is cozy, spacious, sleek. The ideal for European journeys because offers high performance on a budget. Its Features are increased internal height and the width of seats.

Let us introduce our Heavy Jet for intercontinental flights. We love it because it is bigger and it can travel on longer ways with no stopover! For example you can fly from Milan to Rio de Janeiro directly. It’s one of the most cost effective long range private charter jets and offers a spacious, elegant and comfortable cabin for its passengers.

Finally, for more demanding customers there is our VIP Jet, the biggest and most luxurious of our selection. It has bedrooms, on board, cook and a meeting room that makes it ideal for companies and VIPs.

Private jet charter luxury servicesDetails of our private jets:

CITATION 2 (6 pax): light corporate jet built by Cessna

CITATION 3 (7 pax): mid-sized, high-performance business jets

CHALLENGER 604 (11 pax): The Bombardier Challenger 600 series is a family of business jets.

BOEING BBJ (25 pax, 4 bedrooms, car box inside): The Boeing Business Jet series are variants of Boeing jet airliners for the corporate jet market, is a business jet , an airliner to civil use , intended for a specific clientele , businessmen and personalities of the state.

What are you waiting for? Choose one of our jet and begin fly all over the world with Gp-Luxury!