Luxury villas Italy

08 Giu Luxury villas Italy

Summer just becomes and Italy it’s – if it may be possible – more beautiful than ever!

Gp-Luxury offers some of the most luxury villas in many Italian evocative landscapes to make its customer happy on holidays.

There are many solutions, a large range of choises: from modern and high tech villas to historical palaces… but all luxury solutions!

From Amalfi coast to Lake Como, From Sardinia to Tuscany all who ask to Gp Luxury will enjoy a unique and unforgettable journey. Villas are elegantly furnished reflecting their own location: open and bright spaces near the sea, warm wood colors and close spaces on hill and mountains. Whatever your idea of house, these villas will reflect it, they will make you live a dream more than a trip!

Here is one example:

Villa Bianca ( green hills of Parma – Sala Baganza)

One white villa that preserves all its historical details. A sober shape and neoclassical elements. A romantic garden where walking at sunsets, a big terrace where taste a good drink, the swimming pool with its clear water, spacious bedrooms with wood roof, baldaquins and parquet.

This Villa is on the border of the Regional Park of the Carrega Woods , one of the largest in Europe . Around it there is only nature with its delicacy and its harmony giving to guests an unique sense of beauty .

Every window has a breathtaking different view . In this house each object has a story that shares with all of you.

This tour includes:

  • 1 night in this beautiful Villa
  • Transfer by helicopter from airport ( with good weather) or by BMW 7 series
  • Visit Enogastronomic Wizard ( Parmiggiano Reggiano Cheese and Ham)
  • Return by car or helicopter

Ask Us for this Tour or to know something about all we can offer. We will fulfill your request in the best way we can do it!

Remember that in all our luxury services we pay attention to every detail, even the smallest, to make everything perfect.

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