Luxury car rental in Italy

Luxury car rental Ferrari Italy

13 Mag Luxury car rental in Italy

Luxury car rental in Italy.

Do you like classic cars? Gp-luxury is here to realize your dream. Have a fantastic journey taking a ride with luxury cars like Ferrari or Porsche in Italy.

You can simply rent a car or decide to ask us information to buy or sell it. Gp Luxury loves classic cars and so decide to communicate its passion to its customer every day offering a waste range of luxury cars.

Our Bentley T2 series is a rare car model. The first T-series Bentley was produced from 1965 to 1977 and it was defined the Roll-Royce’s twin. In 1977 Bentley upgraded  in T2 – series and produced only 558 units of this car. Gp Luxury services has one of this model and it’s pleased to make it available to its demanding customers, also for weddings.

bentley luxury car hire italy


Porsche began to build its 911 car model in 1963, this sports car has a dinstinctive design that throughout its lifetime has been modified but it is continuosly in production.  For the 1975 model year, Porsche introduced the first production turbocharged 911. Although simply called the 930 Turbo. Gp Luxury services has got one white Porsche Turbo to show you on the roads of italy.

Porsche Turbo rent italy

Standing in Italy we could not miss Ferrari team and this is maybe our most beautiful model: Ferrari Gtb-4. We love our yellow Ferrari, let’s drive it or take a ride in this car. It is a unique experience to try. We are waiting for you  in Italy to see this car and take it on the road.

Ferrari hire italy


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To rent, to see or to sell classic cars, Gp Luxury is the ideal companion. You can take off a whim or realize a dream, whatever, here we are!