Limobus: Welcome on board from La Nazione

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28 Ago Limobus: Welcome on board from La Nazione

Limobus: Welcome on board

Here is the translation of one article of local newspaper (LaNazione) :

Customers have simply to choose their destination, the rest will be made by Limobus . Up to 16 people all together on the odd bus that is in service in Versilia to accompany young people in a disco or in different tourist areas of the region of Tuscany and then bring them back home without the danger of possible drowsiness or problems coused by the abuse of alcohol . The idea is from Alessandro Parente of GP Events and Luxury Limousine in Milan , which leaned to Massimo and Marco Rolla Cattoni , organizer and driver , respectively . Limousin equipped bus available 16 seats; during the booking must be given places of start and destination . The initiative will continue until the end of summer to be tested and perhaps revived even in winter . ” In addition to the initial curiosity , people begin to understand the meaning of the idea that is to offer a service to young people by providing them with a convenient travel , fun, safe especially coming in late at night . ” 

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