Getting married in Italy

get married in italy luxury services

30 Apr Getting married in Italy

Getting married in Italy

Italy is so beautiful and many couples decide from all over the world to come here to get married. You can have your wedding in front of the sea or in the middle of sweet hills, on the high mountains while it’s snowing or near a lake that seems a mirror.

Here in Italy you can find simplicity and combine it with beauty and luxury. Now imagine: you are in a classic car ( a Ferrari or a Bentley, why not?), your bridal veil is rippling because of wind… the car stops in the middle of a soft green or on gold sand, in front of you there’s your groom waiting for you, he’s beautiful.  A lot of white chairs accommodate you parents and friends…aren’t you excited?

wedding in italy luxury services


After ceremony a flight of balloons is saying goodbye to you and your husband. A romantic party in a stylish villa, and then go away…all is perfect.

classic wedding car luxury rental italyYou can have a fabulous wedding without sacrificing comfort and luxury. Let’s come in Italy, rent a historic car or a limo, have your ceremony in front of a unique landscape in the world, celebrate in a superb Italian Villa drinking fine wines and then fly away on a private jet to the destination of your dreams.

It isn’t a fairy story, in Italy it is possible: discover all its inimitable views and contact a luxury services agency like Us, we will fulfill every desire.